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Creative Work with Dreams through the Method of Psychodrama


The work with dreams through psychodrama is a creative method for self-exploration and for working with challenges in our life.

The participants in a psychodrama dream group have the opportunity to take on the roles of different figures, emotions, or even inanimate objects from their dreams, to have a dialogue with them, and to see their dream re-enacted by other participants. There is a variety of techniques which help us in this creative process.

The dream work through psychodrama allows us to experience through action and get insights about aspects of our inner world that otherwise we might have difficulty to verbalize and understand intellectually.

This events will provide you with an opportunity to meet people with similar interests and spend your time in a meaningful way. No prior preparation or knowledge is necessary in order to participate and we are very much looking forward to meeting you!

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Therapist: Kamen B. Petrov, Jungian Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychodrama group leader

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