Anna Jansen, MA, MA

Dance Movement Therapist

Trained the Netherlands and the US
Provides services for: adults and children
Languages: English, Spanish, and Dutch

Background Information:
Anna Jansen has an MA in Human Movement Sciences and an MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy. She trained in Holland and the US and has worked for more than 15 years in the public and private mental health field. Since 2005 she has a private practice as a psychotherapist in dance and movement for adults and children. She was trained within the psychodynamic framework, trying to understand a person’s the current issues within the context of his/her life experiences.

In 2010 Anna founded BabyBluesBarcelona offering psychological support to women dealing with fertility problems, pregnant women, women with problems after birth and in case of pregnancy loss. Together with a colleague, she offers birth preparation courses for couples in English. Apart from her work as a therapist, she has been working as a lecturer and supervisor since 2006 at the master in Dance Movement Therapy at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona.

Professional Affiliations:
“Miembro titular” of the ADMTE (Asociación Danza y Movimiento Terapia España)

Dance movement therapy helps people to become aware of what is going on in their bodies and how this relates to current or past feelings, emotions, thoughts and beliefs. Dance movement therapy is reported to improve self-awareness, self-confidence, and interpersonal interaction, helps gaining insight and is an outlet for communicating feelings.

Who can benefit from DMT?

  • People with a lot of tension in their body
  • People with difficulties in their relationships with others
  • People with pains for which no medical explanation can be found
  • People who have been through stressful or traumatic experiences
  • People with mood swings or who feel depressed
  • People with anxiety and feelings of insecurity
  • People who don’t like their own body
  • People with weight and/or eating problems
  • People who have difficulty feeling and expressing (certain) emotions
  • People who got stuck in verbal therapy and want to try a different way to gain insight


Barcelona (center)
+34 657183542