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Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Normally, this could be anything between 4 and 10 sessions, that take place weekly and at the same time (where possible) each week. The number of sessions is usually agreed in advance and then adhered to. This form of therapy works on the basis of realistic and attainable solutions to identifiable problems. At the end of this process, it is sometimes the case that a client decides to continue on a more long-term basis or join a group.

It is usually recommended for four main reasons:

  • As an extended form of assessment;
  • For people who do not feel ready, or who cannot afford, to make a
    commitment to long-term therapy;
  • As preparation for group psychotherapy;
  • To work on a current difficulty that is connected to circumstance, change or loss. Normally this would be neither longstanding nor deeply rooted in a person’s lifestyle or personality.
NEST members who offer this approach: