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Substance Abuse Education and Counselling / Therapy

Alcohol and drug counseling is intended to teach, counsel, guide, instruct, mentor, and demonstrate to the alcohol and drug abusing individual what he/she must know in order to recover from drinking and drug problems.  Some NEST professionals are trained to offer assessment for chemical use problems and counseling service geared at supporting the client in implementing skills and strategies conducive to maintaining a manageable lifestyle long-term.

The most widely used models are:

  • Traditional 12-Step Counseling- The “Minnesota Model” was directly born out of the work of Bradley and Dr. Dan Anderson (Hazelden) when they began to mold a “team” of people that included alcoholics and non-alcoholics. This model implements recovery elements based on abstinence and integrates the wisdom of Alcoholic’s Anonymous, one of the most effective grass roots movements of the last century, with the continuous educational and technical advances of a multidisciplinary team of professionals. It transcends single dimensional care models with its focus on mind, body, and spirit.
  • Harm and Risk Reduction Education and Counseling- Some clients utilize harm reduction as “a means to an end” goal of abstinence ormoderation. This model focuses on meeting each client where they are at and employs various elements of mindfulness, coping skills enhancement, and positive Psychology.  This model supports each individual in achieving their chosen goals at change.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment- Integrates interventions from both mental health and substance abuse fields for individuals with a double diagnosis. This could involve one or several professionals.
NEST members who offer this approach: