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Systemic and Family Representations

Systemic representations have evolved in recent years into an effective tool for both personal therapy and business or organizational counseling.

A systemic representation shows the hidden dynamics that are responsible for the situation to be solved. It can show the deepest motives of the person, which maintain the problem’s dynamics.

This new vision is such an intense experience that it is in itself a clear diagnosis of the situation we want to clarify, while often happen significant movements of solution.

Topics addressed in systemic representations:

  • Clarification of personal problems, related to relationships, family or work.
  • Lost and bereavement.
  • Repetitive patterns.
  • Disorders and illnesses.
  • Conflict resolution between people, crews and groups.
  • Process of decision making and personal projects.
  • Clarification of roles and hierarchies in the company.

The procedure:

In a group workshop, the person making the representation elects representatives for family members o organizational members, including a representative for himself/herself, and places them in space. From there the coordinator accompanies the client to see the real dynamics of the situation, based on bodily and emotional expression of the representatives, and supplementing it with phrases or rites of body expression. This creates a new image aimed at alternative solutions.

NEST members who offer this approach: