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Donna DeWitt, MA, BS

Sport and performance psychologist

Trained in the United States and the Netherlands. Provides services for: athletes, performers, and others. Languages: English, Spanish, and Dutch

Barcelona central

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Donna gained her affinity with the concept of performance as a ballet-student at the Ballet Academy in Amsterdam and later in the US and Holland as a track athlete.

She received her Bachelor´s in Psychology at Montana State University, USA and later her Master´s in clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam, Netherlands. She competed in track at a national level and gained experience working with various clients specializing in the concept empathy. She obtained her certification in sport psychology at the Liberal University, Netherlands.

At Keizer Prestatie Consultancy Donna worked with athletes and trainers of all levels, and with companies on issues including burn-out and chronic pain. She has provided workshops for athletes, parents and coaches, and has conducted mental training classes for young talented athletes in sport-high schools in Holland and Spain. Donna investigated the attentional styles of approximately 300 players from 16 Dutch professional soccer clubs.

In preparation for the Beijing Olympics, Donna was the sport-psychologist for the Spanish- National-Men’s Field-Hockey Team. They won silver. In summer she conducts workshops for international young student-soccer players at FC Barca. She is now a sport-psychologist at Fundación Marcet soccer school. Donna has been teaching sport-psychology at the European University for the Bachelor’s and Master´s sport-management curriculum  for the last 4 years.

Professional Affiliation/s:
NIP – Dutch Institute for Psychologists
VSPN – Association for Sport Psychology in the Netherlands
ENYSSP – European Network of Young Specialists in Sport Psychology

Performance enhancement for athletes/teams, coaches, artists, performers, students, companies, and anyone wanting to excel in a given area. Cognitive approach based on sport psychology principles which focus on mental skills for optimizing strengths and neutralizing negative interference and distractions.
Donna integrates the concepts dedication, purpose (goal-setting) and passion to encourage awareness of one´s optimal performance state, facilitating:

  • focus
  • managing anxiety-coping with pressure
  • confidence and motivation
  • coping with set-backs
  • training-acquiring new skills
  • reducing mental barriers
  • enjoyment!

Donna also offers counseling for low self-esteem, lack of motivation, destructive health-habits, coping with pressure and general anxiety. Services include individual and group/team sessions, workshops and competition/performance observations.