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About Membership

NEST is primarily a peer supervision group, held in English, for mental health practitioners. Joining NEST means wanting to contribute, and gain, from this supervision. Applicants who cannot attend NEST supervision groups will not be accepted.

To become a member of NEST, applicants must be licensed mental health professionals. All of our meetings are conducted in English, so being fluent in English is also a requirement. NEST prides on being a multi-disciplinary team, but we do all hold firm training in traditional Psychology, Psychiatry, and Psychotherapy as a foundation for where our current practices lie.

NEST membership is taken very seriously. After first submitting your CV and proof of licensure, all applicants to NEST are then thoroughly screened and interviewed by one of our Membership Coordinators, Maria Sideri ( or Teresa Bas ( Following this initial interview, potential members are invited to give a half hour presentation to NEST, which generally includes background information on their training and field of study, in addition to a case study. The group will privately discuss the candidate and vote whether they should be accepted.

You will have one year as an “Associate Member” of NEST. Associate members can enjoy some limited (though not full) advertising benefits with NEST. At the end of the first year of associate membership, the associate member is eligible for Full Membership, pending group decision on the applicant. Associate membership is never extended beyond a one year period.

About NEST

As NEST is not a clinic, people are not “hired” for participation in NEST.

Although you will certainly find NEST members that are willing to provide you with supervision (fee based), NEST members are all qualified therapists, who are looking for supervision from their peer group. Students are not accepted into NEST.

NEST is not a clinic, but a group of therapists in private practice, who join together in the spirit of peer supervision. We each have our own locals for practice and our own individual contact information. Each NEST member has his/her own private practice office and contact information.

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