Proceso psicoterapéutico grupal a través de la Danza Movimiento Terapia

Therapist: Teresa Bas Baslé: Psicóloga, Danza Movimiento Terapeuta

Group for Loosing Weight

Therapists: Vera Hilb, clinical psychologist & Maria R. Sideri, transpersonal psychologist, dance/movement therapist

Creative Work with Dreams through the Method of Psychodrama

Therapist: Kamen B. Petrov, Jungian Psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychodrama group leader

Group-Analytic Psychotherapy Group

Therapist: Peter Zelaskowski (UKCP registered psychotherapist and full member of the Group Analytic Society International)

Birth preparation course in English

Therapist: Anna Jansen

Self-development, managing emotions and Self-esteem

Therapist: Dr. Connie Capdevila Brophy, Clinical Psychologist

Psychodrama Group for Personal Development

Therapist: Kamen B. Petrov, Jungian psychotherapist, Psychologist, Psychodrama group leader