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NEST members work from four major disciplines: Psychology, Psychotherapy, Psychiatry, and Mediation.

This is the list of disciplines and different therapeutic approaches that NEST members are trained to offer.

A branch of body psychotherapy committed to the premise that mind and body, are not separate but integral aspects of a unified whole.

Clinical psychologists interview patients; give diagnostic tests; provide individual, family, and group psychotherapy, depending on their specific training.

The primary goal of CBT is to identify and modify thoughts, feelings, and behavior that interfere with a desired outcome in life.

Couple Therapy is a way of resolving couple’s conflicts or problems when they have not been able to do it effectively on their own.

Dance movement therapy (DMT) is the psychotherapeutic use of dance and movement in order to improve the physical and mental well-being of a person.

A philosophical method of therapy that operates on the belief that inner conflict within a person is due to that individual's confrontation with the givens of existence

Family therapy is a type of therapy where the intervention focuses on the relationships between family members.

Psychotherapy of the group by the group. A maximum of eight people and a psychotherapist, seated in a circle, meeting once or twice a week, for 90 minutes, at the same time/s and in the same place.

Most approaches to psychotherapy offer a group alternative, whether short-term time-limited or on-going.

Mediation is a way to resolve disputes. It helps in finding joint decisions.

Mental training is a term used to describe the mental techniques necessary for consistent high performance.

Psychotherapy through the internet. Usually works through an online platform such as Skype.

Psychiatry is a medical discipline that seeks the understanding of the mind, the mind-body connection, its disorders, and to provide...

A treatment in which the patient verbalizes thoughts, including free associations, fantasies and dreams, from which...

The word psychology literally means, "study of the soul". Psychology  involves the scientific study of behavior and mental processes and...

Psychotherapy is a general term referring to therapeutic intervention where a trained professional helps a client, patient, family, couple, or group.

School psychologists help children & youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, & emotionally. They collaborate with educators, parents, and other professionals to...

Using a limited number of sessions, this form of therapy works on the basis of realistic and attainable solutions to identifiable problems.

Sports psychologists work with professional athletes and coaches to improve performance and increase motivation.

Alcohol and drug counseling is intended to teach, counsel, guide, instruct, mentor, and demonstrate to the alcohol and drug abusing individual what he/she must know in order to recover from drinking and drug problems.

A systemic representation shows the hidden dynamics that are responsible for the situation to be solved. It can show the deepest motives of the person, which maintain the problem’s dynamics.

Research shows that DBT strengthens a person’s ability to handle distress without losing control or acting destructively.

Those who are open to exploring their spiritual side, becoming more spiritually aware, or finding a spiritual path, or who are having trouble finding meaning in their life, may benefit from transpersonal therapy.