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Body psychotherapy and Bioenergetic Analysis

Bioenergetic Analysis is unique, time-honored and dedicated to psychological and emotional growth, vibrant health, aliveness, pleasure, joy, love, autonomy and a rich connection to others and the world.

Bioenergetic Analysis is a branch of body psychotherapy committed to the premise that mind and body, are not separate but integral aspects of a unified whole. Alexander Lowen, MD, who founded Bioenergetics in 1956, believed that emotional problems in living should be understood and addressed through a combination of indepth talk and a deep exploration of the language of the body – that is, how we breathe, move and express ourselves physically.

What to Expect in Bioenergetic Therapy

In Bioenergetic Therapy, we focus on the psychological issues presented by each person and the manifestation of these issues as shown in each individual’s body, energy, and movement. The verbal work consists of an exploration of an individual’s past, dreams, associations and current issues.

Work with the body involves helping people to become aware of their emotional issues on a body level by addressing disturbances in breathing and chronic muscular tension. By addressing conflicts at a cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual level, Bioenergetic therapy works with the whole person. It seeks to help each individual gain a greater understanding and awareness of old patterns of action and reaction, increase our capacity to tolerate and resolve old pain, conflict or trauma, and enhance one’s ability to experience pleasure. This results in an improved connection with oneself and with others.

NEST members who offer this approach: