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Lisa Filippova, MA, MA

Psychologist, Existential Analyst, Dance Movement Therapist

Trained in Russia, Austria and Spain. Provides services for: adults, adolescents, children, couples and groups. Languages: Russian, English, Spanish, Catalan

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Background Information

Lisa Filippova graduated as a Clinical Psychologist from Moscow State University, where she also worked as a teacher of psychology and group facilitator for adolescents. Lisa received a group facilitator certificate and continued to work as such in the non-profit sector. Meanwhile she was studying counselling and psychotherapy. She completed a 4-year Austrian program in Existential Analysis. Later, after moving to Barcelona, she also completed a Masters in Dance/Movement Therapy. She started her private practice in 2008 in Moscow and later moved to Barcelona in 2010. Over the years, Lisa studied various methods and techniques including, basic CBT techniques, Body Mind Gestalt, NLP, basic Solution-Focused Therapy techniques, use of body in trauma treatment and others.

Lisa Filippova has trained in and collaborated with the Russian Academy of Education in the field of Early Childhood Development. She has participated in projects promoting creative education at schools in Moscow and New York City.

Lisa has studied dance and bodywork techniques since 2007. Among her favorite disciplines are: Contact Improvisation, 5 rhythms and Feldenkrais.

Professional Affiliations:

Col.legi Oficial de Psicologia de Catalunya

Asociación Española de Danza Movimiento Terapia

Method and philosophy

I consider Existential Analysis as the primary lens through which I see psychotherapy, people and our lives. On a practical level, it offers specific methods to work with various difficulties including fears and anxiety, dependency, depressive states, relational problems etc. My extensive training in body-related approaches allows me to ground the psychotherapeutic work in the body and offer practices that help maintain the results. I offer both short- and long-term processes depending on a specific situation.

I also offer Dance Movement therapy both as a part of verbal therapy and as a separate process depending on the questions at hand.

My work has been greatly enriched by my experience as an interpreter in private sessions and group trainings with the best of psychotherapists of my own and other schools. As a result, my approach is technically quite eclectic and offers flexibility depending on the needs of a particular client.